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  • Easy Way To Prepare Protein Smoothies For Weight Loss

    Protein shakes are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to shed off some weight because drinking protein shakes encourage weight loss by curbing one’s appetite. Just having smoothies to replace a meal also cuts your calorie intake. Protein also helps build your muscles.  But do remember that relying solely on protein shakes as meal replacement will not be good for you. Nothing beats a healthy meal every time; if you are planning to start on protein shake diet, make sure to get advice from your doctor or nutritionist, especially if you have a medical condition.
  • Your Free Ultimate Guide To Preparing Tea

    For those without special knowledge and experience on all things tea, it may seem like tea preparation is as simple as 1-2-3; but for those who want to savor a superior tea-drinking experience, there is so much to consider. The types of tea, accessories to use, and the step by step tea preparation process is all accounted for.  For the true tea-lovers, the details are everything!



  • Tea Essentials for Tea Lovers for Back-to-School

    Sipping onto your favorite cup of tea can be one of the most satisfying things in your daily routine, especially if you are a fan of the healthy drink.  To those who love tea, it is more than just sipping a cup; it is almost a calming ritual to take whether one wants to relax or to get a much-needed energy boost.

    Having tea may seem so simple, and to many, it requires nothing fancy.  It is always more enjoyable if you want to spice up your tea time with this list of tea essentials and accessories

  • What You Need To Know About Plant-Based Diet

    What is a plant-based diet? What are the benefits of doing it? Can a person sustain doing it long term? What can I eat on a plant-based diet? Why should I try it?  – These may be some of the questions that might be running in your head if you are planning to jump into going plant-based.
  • Detox Water and its Health Benefits

    You may have heard of lemon water, fruit-infused water, detox water and other names people may have called it, but what really is this hype about it and what benefits do we get out of drinking what was claimed to be a detox drink. Read more...

  • 4 Reasons Why Fruits Infused Water is Good for You

    Water is one of the most basic of all needs - and we cannot live without water isn't it ... and yet , due to our busy lifestyle most people forget...
  • 5 Tips on How to Prepare Healthy Vegan Recipes

    There are a lot of ways to eating healthy nowadays with healthy vegan recipes and meals. But the truth is most people don't know what to prepare and how to prepare these meals and knowing the ideal diet to target depending on the food available at home or dressing that need to be added to the salads, etc.
  • How To Make a Delicious Cold Brewed Tea With Fruits

    Making a cold brewed tea with delicious fruits is very simple and quick. You don't need million things to rock your recipe and make your guests, f...
  • Quick Tips For A Spring Detox

    Finally, March 21st has come and it's spring. Woot woot! Time to make changes in your daily routine: changing your diet, changing your health habits, more training work out. Time to set your personal healthy goals for your spring detox.
  • 4 Tips to Shop Healthy

    5 Tips to Shop Healthy and Better  Keeping a healthy lifestyle starts with improving your daily grocery shopping. Make a note buying organic or n...
  • Top 7 Benefits of Eating a Pineapple

    Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple. 

    Taste good and it's so healthy. Check our top 7 pineapple health benefits and our 2 recipes you can make in no time.

  • Wonders of a ginger hot detoxing water

    Hot Water Detox

    The winter seems to take a huge toll on my body. Sorry starting by complaining. Unfortunately, the lack of sun exposure lowers my energy balance and can make moody. In this period of energy boost need, I found a couple of recipes that help me go through this never-ending winter. I use simple recipes detox that I find a resourceful and good to regenerate my body.