4 Reasons Why Fruits Infused Water is Good for You

Fruit-infusion water

Water is one of the most basic of all needs - and we cannot live without water isn't it ... and yet , due to our busy lifestyle most people forget the intake of enough water and not realizing how it can affect our system.

Do you drink enough water? If not then start hydrating yourself and drink water in any form. I am a bit lazy too when it comes to drinking water but this is the best way to keep yourself on top of your game. So motivation for today is keep yourself hydrated and drink enough water.

There are a lot of healthy juices and detox water recipes and you can easily create them at home. More individuals stick to this because of the many health benefits from this juicy and delicious drinks. One of the popular ones to incorporate in your daily diet is by drinking fruits infused water. Here are some of the health benefits that comes with fruits infused water.

  1. Fruits Infused Water makes you drink more water

The one known benefit of drinking water when it is infused is that not only is it delicious, you’ll also be able to drink more water which is more healthy and desirable for the body. Water when infused with flavors such as from fruits may help to increase the water intake. Infusing fruits into water adds a whole lot of flavor and if you are one of those people who find water boring to drink, and not getting you to drinking enough a fruit infused water will solve that problem and get you to drink more and keep you more hydrated and aid in detoxification.


  1. Fruits Infused Water Hydrates the Body Better

As stated in Number 1, water keeps us stay hydrated and also drinking more water when it is infused with fruits makes it easier to do so. For the body to absorb it better, the body needs mineral and electrolytes which helps our body in absorbing the healthy nutrients needed for our cells and maintain fluid balance in them. This is especially true for citrus infused water such as lemon, strawberry and cucumber.

  1. Fruits Infused Water Aids in the body’s  Metabolism

It has been proven scientifically that drinking water speeds up our body’s metabolism. In order to keep your body with enough fuel to burn those calories , you need to drink enough water. So, if you are into weight loss these days drinking water can help you reach those goals by giving you fuller stomach and the need to eat more becomes lesser and helps you suppress hunger and cravings..

  1. Infused Water is a great Juice alternative

There are a lot of harmful effects of taking in juice these days with the much added sugar in these drinks, this may lead to even more health concerns like diabetes and hyperacidity.

If you are looking for an alternative flavorful drink to juice, then try fruits infusion water instead. It gives you the much needed Vitamin and you can be healthy without feeling guilty of taking that much sugar.

These are just four of the many reasons to try fruits infused drinks.

What fruits are you thinking of infusing in your water?