Quick Tips For A Spring Detox

Spring has come

Finally, March 21st has come and it's spring. Woot woot! Time to make changes in your daily routine: changing your diet, changing your health habits, more training work out. Time to set your personal healthy goals.

Although it's spring, it's still kind of snowy and for sure better days are about to come if you are in Montreal but be careful, because it's still a little bit cold out there, so don't get rid of your winter jacket just yet. Wait a little bit. Despite the chill spring, it's the perfect timing to start an awesome spring detox. Fresh drinks, fresh food, fresh everything will help you reboot and reconnect with your body, your mind and gain new healthy habits.

Make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of tea and start to read these tips. Before that,here is my one true piece of advice: adjust these tips as you see fit!

Plan Your Spring Detox

As a general rule of thumb, plan ahead and stick to your plan. It will make your life easier. First thing first, water detox is essential and a very good way to start your new healthy journey. Overall, consider lighter meals for supper and make sure to add tons of veggies for lunch. For breakfast, add veggie/fruits smoothy recipes or even some nice homemade juices. This will help you control your cravings day after day.


Planning is everything, you don't need to get crazy for your detox shopping. You can simply adapt your current diet and remove anything too sugary and bad fat.

Let's make a rule, use olive oil or coconut oil whenever you cook. These cooking oil are excellent in your diet.

If you go for meat, pick a lean meat, which is great and holds lower fat and calories. Chicken or turkey are example of lean meat you can pick in your detox cooking recipes.

Water!! Yes drink, drink and drink! You can add anything you want in your water detox from fruits such as lemon to veggies like slices of cucumber. I usually like to add slices of ginger or turmeric in my water detox.

This is how a day could look like:

Drink 1.5 L minimum of water all along the day


  • Breakfast: smoothie or fruits and nuts or eggs
  • Snack fruits and nuts
  • Lunch: steamed veggies & lean meat or nuts ( for vegan or vegetarian)
  • 3-4pm: healthy snack bar with tea 
  • Supper:  Light salad or soup
  • More Water, more infusion

    Last but not least, complete your daily diet routine with detox exercices. It shall clear your mind, improve your health and get you fit. Of course, water is key. Keep a water detox, or fruit infusion handy in your bag whenever you're thirsty and you need fresh drink.

    With all these pieces of advice, I'm pretty sure you'll rock your spring detox.


    Happy Spring.