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  • Easy Way To Prepare Protein Smoothies For Weight Loss

    Protein shakes are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to shed off some weight because drinking protein shakes encourage weight loss by curbing one’s appetite. Just having smoothies to replace a meal also cuts your calorie intake. Protein also helps build your muscles.  But do remember that relying solely on protein shakes as meal replacement will not be good for you. Nothing beats a healthy meal every time; if you are planning to start on protein shake diet, make sure to get advice from your doctor or nutritionist, especially if you have a medical condition.
  • What You Need To Know About Plant-Based Diet

    What is a plant-based diet? What are the benefits of doing it? Can a person sustain doing it long term? What can I eat on a plant-based diet? Why should I try it?  – These may be some of the questions that might be running in your head if you are planning to jump into going plant-based.