Tea Essentials for Tea Lovers for Back-to-School

Tea essentials - FIS

Sipping onto your favorite cup of tea can be one of the most satisfying things in your daily routine, especially if you are a fan of the healthy drink.  To those who love tea, it is more than just sipping a cup; it is almost a calming ritual to take whether one wants to relax or to get a much-needed energy boost.

Having a cup of tea may seem so simple, and to many, it requires nothing fancy.  It is always more enjoyable if you want to spice up your tea time with this list of tea essentials and accessories:

1.A Reusable Strainer

It is a must-have for loose-leaf tea-lovers. The classic mesh strainers are popular ones in the homes of every tea-lover.  There are ones that come in the form of mesh balls which usually features a chain with hook and clasp. This type is suitable for brewing individual cups of tea. When buying one, choose a strainer made of 304 stainless steel so that it is durable and does not rust.

2.Tea Press

French presses are famous for the coffee-lovers, but there are presses made for teas too.  The tea press has the same plunger system as that of a coffee press. This is useful if you like drinking more than just a cup and would prefer a pot or a press to steep most of your tea leaves enough for making several cups of tea.

3. Brew Timer

To brew the perfect cup of your healthy drink, timing is everything.  A brew timer allows you to keep your brews in check, control your steep time for your tea with measured success. There are classic timers that come in sand hourglasses, and there are also digital ones.  Your steep timer will allow your tea to brew in time perfectly.

4. Tea Kettle

The easiest way to heat your water is through one, so it is a must-have for tea-lovers.  Tea kettles may come in glass, steel, cast iron to name a few.  There are tea kettles that readily come with tea infusers. There are tea kettles to buy online and in your local kitchen appliances store, make sure to ask for a durable one that could last you for years of boiling.

Modern kitchens mostly utilize electric ones so you might also want to review a variety of electric kettles before getting one.

Vintage or modern, always ensure that you get one that will suit your style and needs.

5. Mug-Infuser

Here’s your go-to item for fast and easy tea-brewing.  This is a good investment if you are not a fan of collecting so many mugs to use. The mug-infuser is your all-in-one solution to brewing to drinking your favorite cup of tea.  Brewing loose leaf tea will be as easy as 1-2-3 with any proper mug-infuser.

6. Tea-Infuser Travel Tumbler

This is pretty much like your household mug-infuser but the handy, travel version.  There is usually a lid on both the top and the bottom.  The strainer where you put your leaves attaches to the bottom.  The tea-infuser tumbler is a very versatile product for l hot and cold tea, or even herb and fruit-infused water.


That's it for my 6 tea essentials for back-to-school. Make sure to get everything you need and enjoy your tea..




Credit photo:  Miti on Unsplash