Top 7 Benefits of Eating a Pineapple

Pineapple fruits benefits

Pineapple love


I've always been a pineapple lover. This fruit is fresh and exquisite. Always better in the summer, I found that pressing a fresh pineapple juice or just eating a little piece of pineapple fruit salad adds so much to my diet. Might costly, but when you think about pineapples, you think exotic decor with sea and lots of sun. Much more than a simple exotic sweet fruit, pineapples are a great source of health benefits.

In Montreal, the sunny but cold during the winter, which can be associated with a lower load of energy. Experts in nutrition vouch for pineapples as a good resource have to improve both the immune system and digestion.


Top 7 eating pineapple benefits

In a nutshell, eating pineapple will help you with the following:

  • vitamins B
  • vitamins C
  • anti-oxidants
  • weight loss-fighter, it's very low-calories
  • anti-stress, it lowers your level of stress
  • improve your everyday digestion challenges.
  • Sooth body inflammation such as arthritis 
  • Recovery speed from surgeries.


Pineapple recipes and perks

Pineapple juice


You can never go wrong picking a pineapple as a fruit or juice. If you're creative you can make anything you want it will always taste good.

Whether you'd rather drink or eat, you can create many recipes that could suit your taste.

Pineapple Juicing

You can drink pineapple as a juice, which is fairly simple to make. Get a load of pineapple, either fresh or already sliced. If you want extra blend the juice with other fruits and even veggies. Drop your pieces in your juicer and voila.

Pineapple Water Detox 

Perfect for your water detox, you'll love the taste of fresh pineapple in your water. Adding some sweet and natural flavor to your water detox will increase and help you in your daily diet. As mentioned in the top 7 eating pineapple benefits above, if you are on a diet, pineapple tends to be complementary to help you lose the extra weight you need.

I think that's it. Feel free to share your own recipe.




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Credit photo: Unsplash