Wonders of a ginger hot detoxing water

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Ginger Hot Water Detox

So happy to use my ginger hot water detox every day! The winter seems to take a huge toll on my body. Sorry starting by complaining. Unfortunately, the lack of sun exposure lowers my energy balance and can make me moody like the rest of us. In this period of energy boost need, I found a couple of cool solution. I use daily recipes that help me go through this never-ending winter. I use simple detox recipes that I find very useful and good to regenerate my body.

In essence, ginger is my number one root. I'll explain why I can't go through the winter without a daily dose of ginger. Ginger is fundamental in most of my winter hot or cold fruits infusion recipes.  I would definitely use it in most of my recipes because I love the fact that this root is a multi-use. As an immune system or flue fight home remedy, you can use it in various ways to boost your health.

I feel energize and more energetic. Here is how I do it. I think it's fairly simple and quick and very affordable.

Here are my main ingredients:

  • Ginger 
  • Honey 
  • Lemon

Here is my recipe:

  1. Boil hot water
  2. Add ginger 
  3. Lemon 


  1. Add Turmeric
  2. Honey
You can do it every day, you'll feel the difference, you'll feel energized and more energetic to go through the day.


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Credit photo:

unsplash-logo Dominik Martin